Spring cleaning a website

I’ve spent some time studying Zepfanman.com reports from Google Analytics, a tool I’ve been using for the past year. Without redesigning the site, I’ve taken cues from the reports to update some old posts and make the site load a little faster. You might call it spring cleaning. With less than 900 views a month, I don’t really need to fine tune the site, but hopefully some of you with your own websites will find a helpful nugget or two here.

Zepfanman.com optimization
WebPageTest 7.7 to 5.1 second Zepfanman.com load time

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New post every Tuesday morning

They say that publishing on a predictable schedule improves site traffic. I considered doing this when I revamped Zepfanman.com last March, but I wasn’t sure how much time I wanted to devote to this blogging hobby of mine (“hobby” being the operative word). Since I average 3.63 posts per month, I might as well guarantee you a weekly post: Tuesday @ 11 am (EST) announced via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS (email subscription notice can take up to a day for some reason). I’ve got four blog drafts this month in addition to another one I’ve been thinking about lately. Help me decide which one to tackle first.

Line chart via 96dpi

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New blog for all things J. J.

I’ve just installed WordPress 2.7.1 on my website. This is the obligatory first post. The what, when, and why will come later. Basically, though, I’m reviving my blogging blood. It’s always bugged me to have my online identity spread all over the web (Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, etc.), so I’m back to a proprietary blogging platform. Yay friendly permalinks!

Expect an eclectic variety of topics to come, approximately once or twice a month. This is my personal blog, so I’m not targeting any specific readership demographic. Almost-daily content (twitter, photos, music, etc.) can be found on my FriendFeed.