Working on some site improvements

I’ve been up to a little site maintenance. I finally got a license in the footer, but I’m still trying to figure out the best way to back up my FriendFeed in the right column. I’m also trying to tweak my site feed so that the “Read the rest of this entry” cut-off shows up instead of the annoying 50-word automatic cut-off or full post.

Christmas breakfast

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East Coast Thanksgiving

I haven’t made the drive to Philadelphia in quite a while and this was my first trip along the Louisville-Philadelphia route. I crammed in a lot of driving, but couldn’t pass up the chance to visit Rachel and Liz in DC, as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to have dinner on Sunday with my dad’s side of the family; I want a Permanent Vacation.

Here are a few of the 37 photos from my Thanksgiving Flickr set:

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Chicago photo journey

Instead of typing 63,000 words, here are 63 photos from our trip to Chicago (some geotagged). Check it out in slideshow view with captions turned on; see particularly the artwork commentary. This is also the first time that I experimented with Brightkite via SMS. Now to figure out the best way to integrate it with Twitter, Flickr, and FriendFeed.

Photo highlights:

Fowler Ridge Wind Farm

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Mute Math – 2009 Memphis concert

If you’re wanting to see a good live show in a small venue, you’ve got less than a month to catch a MuteMath show in the States (tickets and dates on official site). I went to their Memphis show on Sunday 10/25/09 at the New Daisy with my friend Jason (who first introduced me to their self-titled CD).  This was my third time to see Mute Math in as many years and they never fail to provide perfect sonic vibrance. Arpit Mehta has a good review the LA show, so I’ll add a multimedia roundup to those thoughts.

LA 10/10/09 by Max Roper
LA 10/10/09 by Max Roper

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Naked Fat Girl Extravaganza

Glamour magazine released a photo of a normal looking woman in their September issue. Anyone larger than a six is considered “plus-size” in the fashion industry. Initially unnamed, Lizzi Miller was known as the “woman on p. 194” to the thousands of readers who wrote in with comments like “This beautiful woman has a real stomach and did I even see a few stretch marks? This is how my belly looks after giving birth to my two amazing kids! This photo made me want to shout from the rooftops.” I realize that it’s not new to have these features, but it sounds like Glamour is committed to modeling more normal looking people. I couldn’t resist borrowing from Kate Harding on who calls it the naked fat girl extravaganza.


Found this story via Ellen, one of my favorite celebrities. Watch the clip:

I’ve moved to Louisville

In case you’ve missed the tweets and Facebook activity, yes, I’m now living in Louisville. I’m trying to spend most of my time looking for jobs (My LinkedIn profile), but I’ve been quite occupied getting the new apartment unpacked and acclimating to a new city. Let me know if you need a Guest Pass to see all of the photos in the new Taking Louisville album.

Moving in.
Moving in: August 21st.

Nathan began law school at UofL almost two weeks ago. Unfortunately, we were not able to move in to Dupont Commons in Old Louisville. It’s a long story, but the end result was that we had to find another place that could accommodate us within four days and have a 6-month lease or less. We had looked at the Phoenix Place apartments (less than a mile east of downtown) a month ago, so we ended up returning there and took the top two floors of a beautiful historic building. Camden Prospect Park was another good option, but we opted to go for something closer to downtown.

Move-in was Friday. We were so relieved to finally have a place to put our things, especially Nathan who had been staying at a Value Place studio room for a week, not to mention Red Roof for a few days since the Dupont management kept moving back our move-in day! Jon and I transported almost everything out of our old house last Sunday. Michael has been indispensable all week. We couldn’t thank him enough! Jon had to return to work in Nashville on Wednesday, so we were very fortunate to have Greg available on Friday to help us move, as well.

I’m leaving out plenty of other juicy details, such as Nathan’s twisted ankle, but I’ll keep this entry as brief as possible. The days seem to be wasting away too quickly already. I will say that our cable Internet with Insight is nice and fast, but I’ve been frustrated with my desktop as it only receives a weak wireless signal up in my room. This, of course, will be remedied as soon as we all agree where we want to camp the router.

To everyone in Nashville, I miss you! I will be blessed to find friends like you in Louisville.

Thanks again to Greg and Michael!
Thanks again to Greg and Michael!